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Lindsey Ohler, Psy.D.

Dr. Lindsey OhlerDr. Lindsey Ohler has worked with children and their families across multiple settings including private practice, inpatient treatment facility, an autism treatment center, and the juvenile court system. She enjoys working across the spectrum of childhood disorders including social skills deficits, behavioral problems, anxiety of all forms, depression, and self-injurious behaviors. She values understanding the unique emotional experiences of the children and helps them strengthen their coping resources. Dr. Ohler utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques including play therapy, behavioral interventions and working with parents on new parenting strategies. She believes that treatment should be a part of a child’s regular routine and works with families to establish appointment times that fit well with their work and social demands. Dr. Ohler actively engages with the child’s parents throughout the therapeutic process in order to assist with parenting and ensure the child’s valuable treatment efforts transfer to home, school, and other social environments.

Nina Solanki, Psy.D.

Nina3Dr. Nina Solanki began her career working with children with a variety of presentations, including AD/HD, behavior difficulties, social skills problems, depression, and the spectrum of childhood issues. In addition to working with children individually, she has worked in group homes and after school programs. Dr. Solanki understands that children have a different way of expressing themselves and utilizes play therapy and other creative approaches to help children feel comfortable and to allow for their own style of communicating. Children need structure and she encourages having a routine at the beginning of her sessions so children know what to expect at each visit. Dr. Solanki also communicates closely with parents throughout her work with the child so that gains made in therapy can be sustained in the home and school settings as well.

Tina Lepage, Psy.D.

Dr. Tina LepageFrom the very beginning of her career, Dr. Lepage has been focusing on children and families; whereas most psychologists have an undergraduate that is, like their doctorate, in psychology, Dr. Lepage has an undergraduate in Child Development & Family Relationships. Her many years of specialization in child development and families make her highly sought out by parents seeking help for their child. Dr. Lepage is an expert in play therapy with children, and in interviewing and evaluating children. She is experienced in a variety of childhood issues such as behavior problems, family and school difficulties, AD/HD, LD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, depression, anxiety, dealing with divorce, and social problems to include awkwardness, shyness, isolation, and acting out. With regard to play therapy, she has a special interest in working with children dealing with divorce, and with regard to evaluations she has extensive experience in providing testing in clinically complex cases in which there is uncertainty as to the underlying problem (to include psychological and psychoeducational issues). Dr. Lepage also has extensive experience with couple’s/family issues, to include couple’s therapy for those staying together, and assisting couples who decide to divorce to do so with a minimal amount of conflict in that process. Dr. Lepage is certified to act as a Parent Coordinator in NC, and is an expert in Cooperative Co-Parenting. Dr. Lepage provides play therapy and psychological evaluations for pre-teen children, couple’s and family therapy, custody evaluations, and an extensive range of divorce services.

Colleen Hamilton, Psy.D.

Dr. Colleen Hamilton is a clinical and child psychologist, with her training focused on work with children, adolescents, and families. She specializes in children, and has a wide variety of experience working with children and their families. Dr. Hamilton’s fun and creative spirit as a child therapist makes her uniquely skilled at engaging children in the process! She is well versed in a variety of approaches that engage children to include play therapy, sand tray therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and body movement therapy. Depending on the presenting problem, her direct work with the child may focus on lessening sadness or anxiety, developing coping skills or problem solving skills, social skill improvement, self-esteem raising, anger management / emotion regulation, or behavior modification. Concurrently she includes parent training and coaching. One area of common concern often presented is noncompliance at home or at school. Dr. Hamilton works with the family and school to develop a behavior modification plan to improve behavior. She stresses full participation from all those involved, including the child, to achieve optimal success. Dr. Hamilton also has a special interest in and extensive experience in working with traumatized children, and she worked as both a Therapist and Research Coordinator for a Child & Adolescent Traumatic Stress Program. Her trauma work with children is often done with a combination of individual therapy, family therapy, and parent sessions. Dr. Hamilton focuses on teaching the parent to support the child through their recovery while strengthening the parent-child relationship. When dealing with all childhood issues, Dr. Hamilton recognizes the importance of the family and works extensively with parents to understand how their child’s development and external stressors impact their child’s functioning. She has also conducted sibling groups to improve sibling interactions and develop conflict resolution skills. In addition to therapy, Dr. Hamilton provides educational and psychological testing for children, for AD/HD, learning disorders, and to discern the impact psychological issues such as depression or anxiety may be having on the teen’s school performance or behavior in general.


Kevin Metz, Psy.D.

Dr. Kevin MetzChildren and families have been a source of interest for Dr. Kevin Metz throughout his career. He has worked with clients across an array of ages in his clinical work, which includes experience as a Clinical Supervisor for the Head Start program. At Lepage Associates his work with children focuses on psychological and academic testing and assessment, and parent guidance. Dr. Metz enjoys using psychological assessment to help children and their families better understand their strengths and how to best serve their learning styles.


Colette Segalla, Ph.D.

Colette Segalla provides therapy and evaluation services to children. She is experienced in interventions with children, and psychological and educational evaluations. In addition to her general psychology training in child issues, Colette has additional training and experience in working with children who have learning disabilities (LD), and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD or ‘ADD’). Colette’s doctoral dissertation concerns the spiritual development of children and the importance of a relationship with nature in this development. She also participated in a two-year co-research project, The Inner Life of the Child in Nature, at The Center for Education and Imagination in the Natural World. Prior to a career change into psychology, Colette was a teacher and has extensive experience in education, certified to teach at both the elementary and secondary levels. She also holds a Montessori Elementary Teaching Certificate from the Association Montessori International, in addition to a secondary English teaching certificate. Her background in education makes her an excellent resource for parents with children whose issues affect their academics. Colette brings a wealth of child experience to her work in clinical psychology with a rich, diverse background of working with children in various contexts.


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