Erica Blystone is deeply intrigued by the dynamic connection that exists within a couple, the problems couples often face, and a couple’s resilience. She helps each person learn to tap into that resilience individually and as a team. Erica’s approach is to first assess the couple’s connection and understand their strengths and areas for work. She assesses where the clients are, individually and as a couple, and where they would like to be. Once she sets some basic goals with the couple she gets to work helping them develop insights and skills that will enable them to “stay on the team.” Being “on the team” means a couple can have effective conflict without fighting, more fun together, and stronger intimacy. It means they have a better understanding and appreciation for each other, which enables both to be a better partner. Erica’s work focuses heavily on process so that clients regularly leave with new skills and insights they can use no matter what content comes up between sessions.

Erica’s clients frequently share that they feel equally supported by her and that their sessions are a safe place. She works with couples in all relationship stages and of all ethnicities, cultures, genders, and sexual orientation. She has expertise in improving communication and conflict management; strengthening various types of intimacy; increasing respect, admiration, and acceptance; creating shared meaning and a shared vision; dealing with mental health issues in the context of the relationship; and healing from infidelity and other crises. She regularly works with couples navigating transitions in life such as the birth of a child, career changes, moving, remarrying and blending families, and retirement. Her couple’s work is heavily influenced by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and she is formally trained as a Gottman therapist..