Erica Blystone was drawn to the separation and divorce counseling specialty because of her desire to mitigate any negative effects of divorce on family members. Divorce can be devastating; for some people it is the most traumatic thing they’ve ever experienced whether they initiated the divorce or not. Research shows when done with certain skills and mindsets, divorce needn’t be as damaging as one might fear. The emotional distress that often comes with divorce can be moderated and managed for children and adults. As in her couple’s counseling, Erica’s work helping people dissolve their relationship runs the gamut: newly married, partnered for decades, in the aftermath of a crisis, or having gradually drifted apart. Erica works with de-partnered couples with children in several capacities: as a Child Specialist in traditional divorce and in collaborative divorce, as a Parent Coordinator designated by the courts, and as a coach or guide for people doing a traditional divorce or filing themselves. Her experience counseling couples, coaching parents, and working with children allows her to easily see all sides with empathy and compassion for all parties, and bring skills and knowledge to the table that can curtail suffering and allow healing to begin.