Working with teenagers is one of Dr. Julie Michalowski’s favorite things to do, and teens sense that and connect to her very well. She works with adolescents and their families to resolve concerns pertaining to the difficulty of normal day-to-day adolescent development, such as moving through various life stages and refining interpersonal skills. She also has training and experience working with adolescents experiencing more severe concerns such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and behavior problems. Dr. Michalowski is active in the therapy process when working with adolescents and provides an atmosphere that is developmentally appropriate and nonjudgmental. She believes in meeting the adolescent where they are in the process and places a great deal of emphasis on developing positive therapeutic rapport. Dr. Michalowski incorporates games, sports, music, and art into her therapy sessions. She finds creative ways for adolescents to process their emotions while incorporating empirically-based treatments such as DBT and CBT.