Dr. Julie Michalowski plays an active role in providing a safe environment for couples to share their concerns and explore solutions. She works hard to ensure each member of the couple feels understood. Therapy begins with each individual highlighting their perception of the relationship and identifying goals that suit the individual and the couple as a unit. A big proponent of Dr. Marsha Linehan’s work, Dr. Michalowski’s therapeutic interaction incorporates elements of mindfulness to enhance the experience and identification of emotions. She also aids the couple in acquiring, practicing, and implementing coping skills that will aid in increased emotion regulation and distress tolerance. Communication is an important part of couples therapy Dr. Michalowski focuses on, helping each member of the couple to view the concerns of their partner with a non-judgmental stance so as to increase empathy, validation, and acceptance. Dr. Michalowski works with couples as a team to promote resolution of the presenting concern.