Ms. Sara Brame is devoted to creating a space for couples to feel comfortable sharing what is working within their relationship and what needs help for each individual to be happy. She understands that relationships can be hard, and life often gets in the way of being able to focus and grow together. Sara’s objectives are to first slow down and allow for each person to reflect on where their relationship is today, and what changes they would each like to create in themselves as well as where they would like to see change in their partner. She includes drawing on the positive factors that lie within the couple that may be constantly looked past, as well as ones that allowed for their relationship to thrive in the past. Sara works with any type of partnership regardless of the stage it is at, making both individuals feel equally valued. She has expertise in working with parenting stresses or parenting style differences and how these effect the relationship. Her goals and focus during therapy are communication, conflict resolution, strengthening connections, emotional regulation, support and empathy, and minimizing ineffective and unproductive communication or behavior patterns. By creating goals, carving out time, reflecting on what used to be your partnership, and learning new skills, you will soon be able to once again grow upon the firm foundation you have created with Sara.