Ms. Sara Brame has geared her educational experiences and work history to involve working with children and families because of her passion to engage children in making the best choices in their lives. She respects the child’s mind and wants to create positive change in an open and friendly environment. Sara uses an array of different activities to create the therapeutic alliance and allow for children to share in a non-formal and comfortable way that fits their age, stage of development, and personality. Sara works with children at their pace focusing on typical childhood issues such as emotion regulation, behavioral concerns, self-image, anger management, anxiety, depression, attention/focus, as well as transitions in the child’s life at home or at school. Sara feels while it is important to work with the child individually, it is also important to include the parent on what the child is learning. Sara will take the time to explain activities that could also be used at home to help the child, and will work with parents to increase awareness for the parent/child relationship.