Top Level Professionals: At Lepage Associates, neurofeedback is administered by mental health professionals versus trainers. What’s the difference? A psychologist or licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) has several years of education and experience in mental health, thus they are professionals who truly understand the symptoms you are seeking help with. A neurofeedback trainer is simply trained on the use of the machine. A trainer may or may not have a certification to show they were trained, but that only means they have been trained on the use of the machine; they do not have clinical training and skills. A trainer may ask you a list of questions about symptoms to have some record of your description of your symptoms over time, but the trainer has no ability to interpret that data. As trained and licensed mental health professionals, psychologists and LCSWs and can interpret that data and assist you in understanding your symptoms and any changes in symptoms seen by using neurofeedback. Thus if clients have questions about the symptoms they are experiencing, changes in symptoms, etc., the doctor has the clinical acumen from which to answer those clinical questions.

Convenience of Scheduling: We are open Mondays through Saturdays to include evening hours for busy individuals and families. Though it is not necessary to engage in therapy while doing neurofeedback, people often do so they can work on developing active coping skills and strategies at the same time they are engaging in brain training with neurofeedback. Since our clinicians are the ones who administer the neurofeedback, you can conveniently stack your therapy and neurofeedback sessions back to back. We also accept clients who are seeing therapists at other practices; we welcome clients who are receiving their psychotherapy elsewhere and only need our neurofeedback services.

Affordable Pricing: Even while working with a doctor, we keep our fees very affordable compared to other practices and offer packages for the best deals. Sessions are $50 each for a package of 12, $60 each for a package of 6, and $75 per individual session.