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Our Most Recent Podcast: 5 Steps to Benefit Our Relationships and Bodies

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Many of our articles and brochures make excellent handouts for your clients or reading for your waiting room. For example, some articles were written at the specific request of other professionals to have for their clients. Likewise, we are happy to send brochures and/or business cards for you to have on hand for referrals. Simply email to us what you would like us to send and in what quantities, and provide your contact information. Please call or email if you need assistance.

  • Information you should email to
  • Your Name
  • Business Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone (optional but appreciated)
  • Website (optional but appreciated)
  • Please state briefly what type of business you are / what services you offer (optional but appreciated)


Any article on the website can be ordered from us; see above links to peruse articles. (The articles are also provided in pdf form on the website should you wish to print them yourself. We only ask when reproducing our materials that you have our information on the document to show authorship.)


Brochures available include:

  • General Practice Overview of All Services
  • Child & Family Services
  • Teen & Family Services
  • Testing Center Services
  • Forensic Division Services
  • Separation & Divorce Services
  • Services for Eating Disorders & Emotional Eating Behaviors