Payment & Insurance Information

Brief Overview of Insurance & Checking on Insurance
Additional Information on Insurance
Schedule of Fees for all Services
(Therapy, Evaluations, Divorce, Forensic, Psychiatry & Business Services)


All on-site services provided by Lepage Associates are insurance reimbursable. Also, if you wish, we will process your claims for you. In this climate of changing mental health insurance coverage, we strive to make psychological services accessible and affordable. We keep weekly open slots for new clients so that when you call you do not have to wait for weeks to get in. Our goal at Lepage Associates is to provide the highest quality mental health professionals at a reasonable rate (for example, our 1-hour therapy rate is $150/hr, at the low end of the current average rate of $145-$175/hr). At Lepage Associates you work with an experienced specialist/doctor.

Though we do not participate on panels, all insurance plans (except HMOs) will still reimburse for our services; in addition, some plans reimburse the exact same amount whether you use someone on their panel or not, thus it may not cost you more to go out-of-network, or the difference may be quite minor (see below for more in-depth information). We have found that for most people it does not cost too much more to go out-of-network, and we have found that when it does cost more to go out-of-network, the difference is not large, and is often a price people are willing to pay to work with a clinician they like and trust. And though it seems “backwards,” we have also seen rare cases where it costs less to go out-of-network. Thus if you want to know exact information regarding benefits, it is best to call your insurance company; we are happy to check on your insurance benefits for you. We are very knowledgeable about insurance and can help you file claims and get reimbursed. The process is simple: you pay us for services rendered and your insurance company then sends the reimbursement check directly to you. We have claims forms for all major insurance plans at our office and can help you fill them out correctly and mail them in for you. We do take a limited number of pro bono clients. Please call to ask about availability.


Many people don’t realize that mental health benefits are sometimes reimbursed differently than general medical benefits. For example, if you pay a co-payment when you go to a medical appointment that does not mean you would pay the same co-payment for an appointment with a psychologist even in-network. Typically under their mental health benefits, insurance providers reimburse a percentage of what they refer to as an “allowable amount” or an “allowable fee,” and that percentage tends to be between 60% to 90% depending on your plan. This percentage may remain the same regardless of whether you see an “in-network” or “out-of-network” psychologist. Sometimes insurance providers do use a co-payment for mental health services. There is a wide range of variability between plans.

We try to simplify this for you! Prior to your first appointment, if you wish, we will be happy to assist you in understanding your insurance benefits for mental health services by contacting your insurer, so that you will be clear about what portion of our services will be reimbursed to you by your insurance company. In this way you will know exactly what our services will ultimately cost you, after your insurance carrier has reimbursed you. There is no fee for this contact, regardless of whether you decide to keep your first appointment or not.

So that our focus can remain 100% on assisting clients with their clinical concerns, we do not participate as members of insurance panels, however, as noted above we also keep our fees quite reasonable to ensure it will not cost you significantly more to go out-of-network and we can file your insurance claims for you if you wish.

All charges are your responsibility from the date services are rendered, and payment for services is due in full on the date services are rendered. As health care providers, our relationship is with you and not your insurance company. It is your responsibility, should you desire reimbursement to yourself, to either process the claim with your insurance provider yourself or ask us to do it for you. We will be happy to process your claim for you, or help you process your insurance claims for reimbursement by providing you with a receipt of services rendered, which contains all of the information needed for an insurance company to process a claim, and by helping you fill out your claim forms and mailing them for you.

You may, of course, also choose not to turn in your receipts for reimbursement, and simply utilize psychological services without informing your insurance company. We realize that some people prefer to bypass their insurance plans altogether because of constraints related to choice of therapist, number of sessions, treatment autonomy or concerns about confidentiality.


Please note our fees are very reasonable when compared with others in the field.


1st Appointment / Diagnostic Interview (75 minutes): $185.00
Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy Session (60 minutes): $150.00
Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy Session (75 minutes): $185.00
Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy Session (90 minutes): $225.00
Group Therapy & Seminars per Session (90 minutes): $80.00
Any Session with Dr. Lepage (except Forensic Consult-see below) : $250.00 per hour


1st Appointment / Diagnostic Interview CHILD (up to 90 minutes w. child & parents): $375.00
1st Appointment / Diagnostic Interview ADULT (60 minutes): $275.00
Med Check / Med Management (up to 30 minutes): Child $175.00 / Adult $150.00
Long Follow-Up with Psychiatrist (60 minutes): Child $325.00 / Adult $275.00
Medication Refill (i.e., call to refill outside of normal in-office session): $25.00 processing fee with 7 days’ notice, $75 with less than 7 days’ notice


Reunification Therapy is a form of Family Therapy and is billed the same as Family Therapy noted above.
Supervised Visitation $85.00 Intake with each parent; $60.00 per hour (this is for non-therapeutic supervised visitation; therapeutic supervised visitation is billed at Family Therapy rates noted above)
Parent Coordinator (court ordered): $200.00 per hour (Dr. Lepage $250.00 per hour)
Child Specialist Session (60 minutes): $200.00 (Dr. Lepage $250.00 per hour)
Plan/Custody Schedule Consult or Mediation (60 minutes): $200.00 (Dr. Lepage $250.00 per hour)


The flat fees for evaluations include a free feedback session.
Most of our evaluations are packaged as cost-saving flat fees as described below; if hourly, clinical testing (i.e., non-forensic testing) is $175.00 per hour.

Psychoeducational/Educational/Academic Evaluations
. Full Psychoeducational Evaluation (full AD/HD diagnostic evaluation & LD evaluation, plus rule out influence of any possible mental health issues): $1,495.00
. IQ & Achievement Evaluation (LD evaluation &/or Gifted evaluation): $850.00
. IQ Testing only: $425.00
. Achievement Testing only: $425.00
. Readiness for Kindergarten Testing: $650.00
. School observation: $175.00 per hour

Psychological Evaluations
. Expanded Psychological Evaluation: $1,995.00
. Psychological Evaluation: $1,495.00
. Autism-Spectrum Disorders: $1,995.00 or $2,550.00
. MMPI only: $250.00
. Rorschach only: $325.00
. Rorschach + MMPI: $575.00
. Other psychological testing: $175.00 per hour
. Comprehensive Eating Disorder Assessment: $1,995.00
. Eating Disorder and Substance Abuse Assessment: $1,495.00
. Brief Eating Disorder Assessment: $625.00
. Eating Disorder Risk Assessment: $475.00
. Bariatric Evaluation: $600.00 ($700.00 when 2nd interview required)
. Adoption Readiness: $900 per couple or $600 per person
. Egg Donor or Egg Recipient Evaluation: $600

Full Battery (Combined Expanded Psychological & Full Psychoeducational; a full testing battery to determine in-depth all cognitive, emotional, and personality factors ): $2,550.00

Neuropsychological/Executive Functioning Evaluations
. Expanded Neuropsychological: $1,995.00
. Neuropsychological: $1,495.00

Substance Abuse Evaluations
. Substance Abuse Evaluation: $1,995.00


Please note our fees are very reasonable when compared with others in the field.
Most of our evaluations are packaged as cost-saving flat fees as described below; if hourly, forensic testing is $250.00 per hour.

Other Civil, Criminal, Or Family Court Evaluations (not listed below) Please call to inquire.

Civil Court Evaluations (capacity/competency such as financial or medical; fitness for duty/return to work; disability; workman’s comp, etc.)

Typically some format of an psychological, expanded psychological, or expanded battery depending on the case and what the needs are for amount and type of cognitive testing, emotional and personality testing, collateral contacts, review of collateral data, etc.

. Expanded Psychological Evaluation: $1,995.00
. Psychological Evaluation: $1,495.00
. Full Battery: $2,550.00
. Immigration: $200.00 per hour (generally for individual $300-$400 and family $800)
. Substance Abuse Assessment for Use in Court (such as DWI): $175.00

Family Court Evaluations

. Psychological Evaluation: $1,495-$1,995.00 (generally $1,495 unless more info is required, or there are extensive records or collaterals)
. Substance Abuse Evaluation: $1,995.00
. Parental Capacity: 3,000.00
. Custody Evaluation without Testing: $6,750.00 flat fee for a family of up to four ($500 each additional person)
. Custody Evaluation with Testing Battery: $8,750.00 flat fee for a family of up to four ($750 each additional person)
. Effect of Parenting on Child Functioning Evaluation: $3,750.00

Criminal Court Evaluations

. Substance Abuse Assessment for Use in Court (such as DWI): $175.00
. Forensic Substance Abuse Evaluation: $1995.00
Risk Assessment psych: $1,675.00
Risk Assessment expanded psych: $2,250.00
Risk Assessment full battery: $2,950.00
Competency to Stand Trial, Mitigation/Diminished Capacity: $1,495- $2,550.00 (depending on amount of cognitive testing needed)
Malingering Eval (mental health): $1,495.00
Malingering Eval (cognitive): $1,995.00
Sex Offender Eval: $1,495.00-$1,995.00

Depositions & Testimony (as fact witness or as expert witness): $350.00 per hour time spent preparing for and giving deposition; plus $150/hr port to port

Forensic Consult Services:
$200.00 per hour (examples: being hired as a forensic expert to review a case and give comment or report)
Forensic Consult Services by Dr. Lepage: $350.00 per hour


Career Assessment
Testing + 2-counseling-sessions: $595.00
Testing-only: $595.00
2-counseling sessions-only: $300.00

Neurofeedback (all ages):
Individual Sessions (60 minutes): $75.00
6-Session Package: $360 = $60 per session
12-Session Package: $600 = $50 per session

Collateral Services:
This includes out-of-session collateral work for your case such calls, emails, review of documents, etc. Billed at same rate as the service you are utilizing (for example, collateral services for a therapy client are billed at the therapy rate of $150 per hour)

Copies of Records: Records sent by us via email, $25.00 processing fee if the request can be handled administratively without clinician assistance, and $50.00 if the clinician must assist with the request. U.S. Mail: 25 cents per page additional fee for hard copies + $10.00 mailing fee. (FYI most requests for records can be handled administratively, but in some more clinically complex cases the clinician may need to assist.) Please note email is not a secure form of communication and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed; nonetheless many clients prefer we email them, so if you want to receive your documents via email that is your choice and you simply do so at your own risk. Thank you.


See Business Intake Form or call for more information.