Durham is home to the Lepage Associates main office where the majority of our clients come to see one of our psychologists, psychiatrists, child psychologists or set an appointment for Remote Therapy, otherwise know as Teletherapy. Moving to our South Durham/RTP office in 2007, we have found an ideal location in the Triangle for all of our clients! As a result we have seen steep growth in the numbers of clients we serve throughout the Triangle. Our offices are located in the Southpoint Mall / RTP area of Durham, which is an easy commute from all areas of Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and most of Raleigh. You will also love our campus at Sutton Station, which has beautiful outdoor space with lots of grass, a lovely fountain, and a coffee shop and restaurants for a before of after session visit! We also back up to the American Tobacco Trail and clients sometimes choose to have outdoor sessions either sitting by the fountain or walking on the trail with their therapist.

Lepage Associates is actively involved in the RTP area. Over the years we have developed many relationships within these communities, to include providing services for RTP businesses and Durham schools, to testifying in County courts as needed. Our direct client services to individuals and families include psychotherapy for adults and teens, play therapy for children, marriage counseling, family therapy, educational and psychological testing, forensic evaluations, and consultation by our adult and child psychologists, as well as psychiatric medication by our psychiatrists. In addition to direct client services, some of our partnerships include:

Partnership with the North Carolina School of Science & Math (NCSSM) Lepage Associates provides a psychologist to consult with NCSSM’s counseling staff and provide services to NCSSM students. Our psychologist works onsite on the Durham NCSSM campus providing psychological testing services and therapy as needed to children in need as well as providing consultation to staff and parents.

Partnership with local community clinics Lepage Associates psychologists, psychiatrists, and child psychologists have worked to help staff local community clinics and serve clients of low economic means.

Membership in the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, to include serving as Chamber Ambassador. Our Outreach Advisor, Leslie Beckman, serves as a Chamber Ambassador, welcoming new members and promoting engagement in the Durham community.

Speaking engagements throughout the greater RTP area. Some examples include:

The B&B Method of Stress Management, Durham Chamber of Commerce, NC.

Successful & Happy Living for Lawyers, NC Advocates for Justice webinar.

Dealing with Depression, presentation for all students and staff on annual Health Day, Jordan High School.

Improving Communication: Active Commentary on Attorney 4-Way Role Plays, RTP, NC.

Effective Communication & Listening Skills for the Collaborative Attorney, RTP, NC.

Helping Parents Help Our Teens, Durham Town Hall Meeting, NC.

Clinical Interviewing in Mental Health, presentation for Psychology Class, Jordan High School.

Top benefits of teletherapy for mental health in Durham NC

One of the top benefits of teletherapy is the convenience it creates for our online therapy clients in North Carolina, allowing them to access their therapist from home or work without taking time off from work or spend time to drive to and from the therapist’s office. This is efficient for clients as it saves people time and money, making therapy accessible to everyone.

Parents can have their remote therapy session in this online format without having to get childcare for their children, as your children can be at home playing while you have your session.

During flu season, teletherapy protects people from germs as they can still engage in therapy from the comfort of their own home. Another benefit is privacy as you do not run into other clients in a waiting room. Research has shown teletherapy to be effective at addressing mental health systems.

Teletherapy can be used with all ages, even children, as experienced telehealth therapists have many therapy techniques that can be used in online therapy, and children and typically quite comfortable with electronic modes of communication.

Clients tend to have less missed appointments as teletherapy is designed to fit conveniently into their life, and less missed sessions helps therapy be effective.

Overall, telehealth is a highly convenient, effective modality for people who need psychotherapy. We offer telehealth appointments from 9am-8pm Monday through Friday as well as all day Saturdays.

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