Coronavirus Letter

Dear Clients,

We at Lepage Associates want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure a sanitary environment for our clients and employees, as well as to be prepared to ensure clients will not have to miss their therapy or evaluations sessions in this particularly challenging cold and flu season. Currently our office is open and operating as usual, with numerous extra sanitizing procedures in place, and with tele-therapy as an option. Given our long history of offering tele-therapy, we are actually highly prepared and able to ensure all clients can continue to receive therapy (as well as complete most evaluations), if they prefer this remote tele-health option during this flu season. And of course, rural communities actually have been using tele-health successfully for many years, so this is not a new or untested mode. It is an important vehicle to allow people to continue to be able to engage in and benefit from therapy when face to face sessions are not available for any reason.

Please take a minute to read this brief but important information below.


We are sanitizing surfaces that are regular touch-points frequently each day, such as door handles and faucets, to help lessen the spread of germs. We will also be washing our hands several times throughout the day and encourage clients to do the same. Additionally, our restrooms and waiting rooms have disinfectant wipes, spray or cleaner for your use should you want to wipe down a surface (such as a faucet) right before you use it, and hand sanitizer available. For children who use toys here or people being evaluated and touching test equipment, doctors and clients will wash their hands and use our hand sanitizer right before session.

Tele-therapy (i.e., video chat) or phone appointments option:

We have always offered tele-therapy and phone sessions to our clients who prefer them, and as a means to provide sessions during snowstorms, so we are well prepared to utilize this option as needed so you won’t need to miss therapy sessions. It is extremely easy to use video chat option wherein we send you a link that connects you directly and seamlessly to your therapist via a HIPAA-compliant connection, or, you can just use phone minus video for a simple phone call session.

Should a therapist have any cold symptoms, we have asked they stay home and provide you with tele-therapy (video chat) sessions, or phone sessions, whichever you prefer. You will receive a phone call and/or email message to alert you if your therapist has cold symptoms and will be doing therapy by video chat or phone. Just let us know anytime you want a tele-therapy session and we will happily provide that.

Children: While therapy with pre-teen children via video chat provides unique challenges different from a talk-therapy session with an adult or teen, our child therapists have – before this flu season – provided tele-therapy for children for various reasons. They are well-equipped with creative ways to provide therapy to children via tele-therapy, and not surprisingly, children are typically quite comfortable with electronics and this mode.

Evaluations: Most evaluations can also be provided remotely via tele-therapy, with clinical interviews done via video chat and testing done online.

What you can do to help:

If you or your child have cold symptoms or have been around someone with cold symptoms, please use either the tele-therapy session option or phone session option versus coming to the office. Just call the office and/or email your therapist and the Office Manager to let us know you want to use this option, and we will get you set up; it’s quick and easy!

If you prefer to utilize tele-therapy or phone sessions even if you are well, of course anyone can use this option anytime.

In summary, we are currently open as usual and seeing clients at the office, sanitizing frequently, and can provide tele-therapy or phone sessions as needed or preferred.

Dr. Tina Lepage
Licensed Psychologist & CEO